Scientific Programme

Thursday   16. November 2017

  • 9h00 Session 1 Chair Dominique Méry 
    Introduction to IMPEX 2017 topics
  • 9h15 Keynote Speaker Professor Dines Bjoerner
    The Manifest Domain Analysis & Description
    Approach to Implicit and Explicit Semantics.
  • 10h15-10h30 Pause
  • 10h30 Session 2 Chair Régine Laleau Position Papers
    • Idir Ait-Sadoune and Yamine Ait Ameur : Formal modeling of ontologies within Event-B
    • Sylvain Conchon : Parameterized Model Checking Modulo Weak Memory Models
    • Paul Gibson : Explicit modelling of physical measures From Event-B to Java
    • Elena Troubitsina : title to be announced
  • 12h15 Session 3  Conclusion and Perspectives